Multi-Cloud Management Mishaps for Data Implementation and Recovery

Multi-cloud services provide you with one of the ways through which you can store data and recover them when need arises. In the recent past, study shows that over eighty percent of businesses have invested in multi-cloud services mainly because of their numerous advantages. For instance, when well implemented, multi-cloud services can play a huge role in disaster recovery. It also allows enterprises to avoid vendor lock-in and gives the opportunity for optimal workload performance. However, multi-cloud if not well managed can bring about mishaps that may hinder the process of data implementation and recovery.

What are the common mishaps that come with multi-cloud?

When not well managed, multi-cloud can cause the following problems concerning how you implement and recover your data:

  1. 1. Can waste time

Immediately you suffer loss of data from your system, the first option is to check whether the cloud servers are functional and whether you can be able to recover your data. However, until today, not even the very best multi-cloud services providers can claim that they offer instant services. The servers maybe jammed up meaning it will take a lot of time to access them and recover your data. In addition to that, you have to be connected to the servers yourself for you to implement or recover your data. This can cause significant amount of time wastage thereby causing loses to your business.

  1. 2. Security and privacy matters

If you store sensitive data on the multi-cloud servers, it does not mean that the data safe from unauthorized persons. Recently, there were claims that one of the servers was hacked. The well-being of your data and the ability to recover them when need arises therefore depends on how well the service providers manages their servers.

  1. 3. Possible sources of attack

For you to put information and data on Multi-cloud, chances are that the data is extremely useful to you. This means that you kept the data there so that you can recover them each time you need. However, depending on multi-cloud services can also expose you to possible attacks. The multi-cloud service therefore has to identify any type of threats by correlating real time threats with those from the worldwide intelligence service, protect information well and avoid data ex filtration at all costs. Any multi-cloud management mishap from this end will therefore leave you vulnerable to potential attacks.


While it is true that multi-cloud service is a good option for storing, implementing and recovering your data, the management of the service plays a huge role in determining the well-being of your data. With any multi cloud management mishap, you become vulnerable to threats, you may not recover your data in time and you run risk of having your privacy rights infringed.

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